Agro-Industrial Complex, LLC
50000 tons
AIC Astrakhansky produces annually.
5 000 Ha
the cultivation area of tomato crops
150 units
of modern motor vehicles and for planting, irrigation and harvesting
In 2018, "AIC "Astrakhansky”  LLC is

The largest in Russia enterprise producing tomato paste, which is located in the Astrakhan region, the tomato homeland. 

The enterprise is based on a closed cycle production – from growing seedlings to producing tomato paste. In 2016, the regional Government and LLC “AIC Astrakhansky” signed an investment agreement on assigning the status of “a particularly important investment project” to the enterprise. 

It uses the most state-of-the-art equipment produced by Rossi & Catelli - CFT S.p.A., a well-known Italian company. 

AIC Astrakhansky’s production capacities are sufficient to satisfy more than 20% of the demand for agricultural products in the Russian Federation.

The enterprise is certified under the FSSC 22000 international food production safety and quality standard system

transportation and harvesting
Transportation and harvesting
plant overview
Plant overview
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