About the product
Manufacturing tomato paste

For high-quality production of tomato paste, the enterprise uses  modern equipment of ROSSI CATELLI - CFT S.p.A, the world leader of equipment intended for processing vegetables and producing tomato paste.

The production lines allow the implementation of the two main technological processes of ColdBreak and HotBreak, furthermore to change the range depending on the market needs.

The technology for tomato concentrate preparation consists in heating the crushed tomatoes with steam through a heat exchanger for better  peel and seeds separation.


The process of grinding fresh tomatoes after heating to a temperature of 65 ° C to 75 ° C. ColdBreak technology is used to produce a tomato paste with a triple concentration of 36 ° -38 ° Brix.


The grinding process after heating fresh tomatoes to a temperature of 85 ° C to 100 ° C. The product obtained in the HotBreak process is more viscous, and therefore more dense, with an average viscosity of 3.5 to 6 cm Bostwick. This type of processing is used for the production of ketchup and various sauces with the required concentration of 28 ° -30 ° Brix.


All tomato paste produced by "AIC "Astrakhansky”  LLC  is certified by the highest international standards.

The enterprise is certified under the FSSC 22000 international food production safety and quality standard system

Tomato paste is also certified according to R 54678-2011